What is the Commission Junction ?

commission junction, one of the 2 largest associate networks within the us, uses the epc to gauge how well a merchant’s software is converting. it’s basically a median of all of the clicks and all the commssions earned by way of associates producing sales. epc stands for income in step with hundred clicks. so, if you send 100 clicks to a merchants internet site and also you get $40 in commissions, that might equate to a $40 epc for that visitors.

now, while you extrapolate this out to lots of colleagues and their commission you get an average epc for every service provider. it’s far very useful to have a excessive epc as a service provider as it natually draws affiliates to join your application. if an affiliate is going and search for program in cj via clicking “get links” after which entering a search word, the programs which have the highest epc averages will arise highest and consequently get the maximum signups. in case you are seeking to release a application in cj or have your commission junction associate software managed well, please touch us today.

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